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This online Instructional Guide is now livehttps://www.pushpulltrainingindrive.com/storeHi All,Thanks for the interest expressed and the many kind words>Several people asked that I "Put them on the list"Actually I cannot add any names to an email list, that is against anti-SPAM laws.The online guide is available now. When you purchase the guide you get 16 lessons and 17 videos and a link to register for the live webinar that will be held the 24th of April. The webinar will be recorded and added to your guide. I would encourage anyone that is interested that has questions about the course email me at: pat@tdk9s.com IF you purchase the course and have questions about the material or about training that you would like addressed during the webinar send them to me at the same address and we will answer as many as we can during the webinar

Posted by Pat Nolan on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Step by Step guidance from finding the right setting to an e-collar trained dog.
Learn to use the e-collar to push for desired behavior.
This is a proven system you don’t need to “Figure it out” on your own.

17 individual lessons
16 video illustrations
Live webiar

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