Specializing in Non-line of sight canine directional training

About tactical/directional canines

Herding and hunting retrievers have been working under control at great distances for many years. In recent years the working K9 community has come to recognize the value of this training in tactical situations. The ability to send a K9 to a distant objective, and to stop and redirect them in route, is of great benefit.

Properly trained remote directional skills can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of canine search teams regardless of whether they are searching for drugs/explosives, humans or human remains, or endangered wildlife scat. The remote standoff capability increases handler safety and provides canine teams the ability to rapidly sweep large areas and distant objectives.

Our Tactical Directional training program has assisted SWAT teams, both state and federal; counter terrorism groups and intelligence gathering units, both US and allies; search and rescue teams; and explosive detection programs by improving their directional skills, programs and canines.














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